January 23, 2012

Miller-Valentine Repurposes Existing Manufacturing Facility

Miller-Valentine Repurposes Existing Manufacturing Facility for New Production

Lexington, NC – January 23, 2012 — Miller-Valentine Group announces the start of construction of a new manufacturing facility for Cardinal Container, a subsidiary of Schultz Container Services, one of the largest manufacturers of industrial containers.

The project consists of a building addition and industrial renovation to the existing 220,000 SF vacant building for a new industrial container manufacturing plant. This project is designed to compliment Cardinal Container’s existing Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) cleaning and recycling programs with a new IBC production program. This project is evident of Cardinal Container’s desire to grow its production operations in Lexington, NC and its product lines in the southeastern United States.

The new facility will provide bridge cranes, energy efficient T-5 lighting, and plant utility improvements to service the new production equipment.  The renovations to the existing industrial facility, one of Lexington’s largest manufacturing buildings, include structural modifications, plant chilled water, compressed air, and power infrastructure for the manufacturing line.

Miller-Valentine focused on understanding the goals of Cardinal Container and delivered several creative solutions which met their needs, timing and budget. But it was Miller-Valentine’s reputation for meeting aggressive schedules that assured Cardinal Container that the facility will be ready to receive its proposed production equipment, which molds the plastic bottles of the IBCs.

“Miller-Valentine Group has nearly 50 years experience managing complicated and fast-tracked design-build projects for our industrial clients. This experience provides us with the intimate knowledge to sequence the phases of work and provide the required intense project management needs necessary to meet the client’s demands for safety, schedule and cost control,” said Kurt Eyring, vice-president with Miller-Valentine.