May 17, 2016

Is Your Roof a Match For the Weather?

Warmer temperatures bring thunderstorms and rain, is your roof ready?  Building owners often regret waiting until there is a problem to think about preventative maintenance on their roofs. Don’t delay.  Here are six things to consider that can save your company money and time before there is a problem.

1.  How often should you have your roof inspected?

You should have your roof inspected annually and after heavy rain, wind, and hail storms.  Normal wear and tear happen over time, but severe storms can cause unexpected damage such as cuts, tears, missing shingles, and damage from roof top equipment blown over or loosened.  Hidden problems may include insulation or decking damage.

2.  What is lifecycle of most commercial roofs?

The lifecycle is dependent upon how well you maintain your roof. Most low slope roofs can last for 15-30 years if they are well maintained.

3.  What are some common causes of roof deterioration?

The top three are:

4.  Are there preventative measures that can be taken to increase the life of a roof?

The best preventative measure is to have your roof inspected regularly and complete any required maintenance.  A roof consultant will check for wear or damage of membrane or shingles, attachment of membrane or shingles, and failing flashing and seams.

5.  What are the best materials for a commercial roof?

6.  What else should you know?

When repairing or installing a new roof, you should always get multiple bids from qualified contractors.

The bids should be compared to ensure each contractor is bidding the same scope and materials.  If your roof has a warranty, document your repairs for reference when needed.

If your roof is not properly maintained, the cost to replace or repair your damaged machinery or product, lost time, collapsed walls/ceilings, soggy furniture or mold removal could be greater than the cost of regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

For more information on maintaining your roof, call 877-684-7687 and ask for Steve Martin. He can help you prevent the weather from raining on your business.   Steve is a 22 year Associate with Miller-Valentine providing roof consultation services and management.

Here is some more information from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety