June 7, 2016

8 Advantages of Leasing Build-to-Suit Space for Your Company

The economy has bounced back in recent years, and experts predict continued growth in jobs and business spending. It’s the kind of news that companies like to hear. Yet a business boom is not without challenges. You need to reserve your capital for new equipment, highly-qualified personnel, and research, but your current office, manufacturing or warehouse space no longer fits your needs. If you feel like your walls are closing in—just when you’re ready to spread your wings and soar—consider Build-to-Suit for Lease (BTSFL).  With BTSFL, you can construct precisely the space your company needs—without purchasing it—allowing you to reinvest your capital to fuel continued business growth.

What other advantages does BTSFL offer?

  1. Financial Flexibility—Whether you need a full-service, triple net or another type of lease creatively structured to meet your business objectives, BTSFL offers great flexibility.
  2. Customized Space to Suit Your Needs—With BTSFL, you design for maximum space efficiency. Moreover, such customization enables you to create a building that projects a positive image of your company to clients and employees.
  3. Expert Outside Team—When you work with a trusted, experienced team to create the ideal space for your business, you realize the benefit of their strategic and synergistic relationships with landowners, brokers, developers and government entities that you might otherwise not have at your disposal.
  4. Current and Compliant—New construction enables you to incorporate ADA compliance and modern, energy-efficient building materials and systems that maximize operational efficiencies and productivity while reducing operating and occupancy costs.
  5. Location, Location, Location—Whether you want to stay near your current location for the convenience of clients and employees or move into a new area to expand your reach with new markets, BTSFL allows you to locate your business in the right place, without the sacrifices that might be necessary when you settle for pre-existing space.
  6. Time Savings—Instead of overseeing day-to-day building operations, you can focus on the activities the support the growth of your business while a property management company takes care of the building and surrounding property.
  7. Tax BenefitsLease payments can be 100% deductible
  8. Ease of Disposition—If you decide to sell your business, you save time—and mountains of paperwork—because you do not need to hassle with a real estate transaction.

Building Design and Construction to Fit Your Needs

What happens when you decide to build-to-suit for lease? An experienced design-build team will work with you to identify the functional and financial objectives of the new space. For example, a custom 125,000-foot BTSFL facility constructed for ATK Military Systems allowed the company to realize significant benefits:

More importantly, upon completion of the BTSFL project, the vice president of ATK Military Systems commended the design-build team for on-time delivery of a facility that meets the company’s needs, exactly as promised.

Is a build-to-suit for lease a good fit for your business?  Find out by contacting Brian Copfer at Miller-Valentine Group today at 513-583-4744 and let him put his 17 years of experience to work by helping you create a space for your company to take flight to the next level of success.