June 21, 2016 / By Dave Dickerson, President/Partner

Dayton Apartment Market Remains Hot 2016

2016 Dayton Apartment Market Vacancy

Results from our 2016 Apartment Market Survey illustrate that the Dayton apartment market remains hot. The market continued to grow throughout 2015 and into 2016.  The overall vacancy rate for the apartment market dropped to 4.24% for the Greater Dayton Area and fell to 4.09% for the Dayton Region, which includes Upper Valley, Middletown, Franklin-Springboro, Springfield, and Xenia.

Positive absorption trends were observed in both the Greater Dayton Area and Dayton Regional markets, with 290 new apartment units being absorbed in the Greater Dayton Area and 439 units in the Dayton Regional market.

The Dayton CBD market remains the area’s tightest market with a vacancy rate at 2.74%, followed by the Dayton East, North and South markets. The regional market was led by the Upper Valley market, which had a vacancy rate of 1.75%.

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