June 1, 2016 / By Dave Dickerson, President/Partner

I-70 I-75 2016 Regional Economic Development Summit was Upbeat and Informational

The 2016  I70/I75 Summit was packed with information on local, state and national economic development programs, projects  and trends.

Jay Williams, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Economic Development Administration delivered the keynote address and was pleased with the positive vibe that he felt while in Dayton. He directed participants to www.eda.gov for information on the IMCP or Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership designation and the SOAR or the Southwestern Ohio Aerospace Region Manufacturing Community designations, both which provide potential incentives for our region.

I gave Miller-Valentine Group’s comprehensive overview on everything from the latest vacancy rates, absorption, rental rates & sales info to development trends and a forecast for the future.

Chris Knueven, President of Commercial Construction, predicted slow and steady growth in Dayton, led by activity in manufacturing. He backed up that statement with local and national information on wages, housing, unemployment, population, GDP and a forecast on construction spending by segment.

Dave Williams, Vice President of Urban Development, talked about the millennial and baby boomers’ preference the urban lifestyle. Dave said, to be successful, development conversations need to be less about space and more about creating “place” in the urban areas of our region. National and local trends already show growth and interest which is already being seen in the older urban centers. He ended with an update on the Arcade; the scope of the project and opportunities for the “most emotional building in Dayton”.

Other breakouts covered library trends, the MVRPC Going Places Initiative, workforce development, project financing and the 10-year master plan for Carillon Park. Over lunch, Barry Alberts from the City Properties Group shared with us his enthusiasm for urban development by sharing the challenges and exciting results of urban projects in Louisville, Lexington, Piqua and Dayton’s East Oregon area.

The closing keynote was from Dean Barber, president of a Dallas Based economic development firm who consults for Fortune 500 and international clients, liked the energy he was feeling in the Dayton region. He outlined future trends including the challenges and opportunities in the Gig-Economy.

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