July 22, 2016 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Miller-Valentine Group goes to the Movies Fighting Hunger

Once again, Miller-Valentine Group Associates carried out one of its fundamental corporate beliefs; the commitment to being a model corporate citizen in the communities we serve.

“Helping Hands”, the Miller-Valentine program providing opportunities for Associates to engage in community service, held a food drive for the benefit of the Dayton Foodbank and Mason Food Pantry.

Rather than simply collecting food items for the community, a friendly competition encouraging departments to build “movie themed” images was implemented throughout the company. Structures were assembled representing both older and newer movies, including Jaws, Ghostbusters, Batman vs. Superman, Up, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, San Andreas, and Captain America (see them all here).

The food drive and the competition were very successful, with the local community being the ultimate winner:

Dayton Foodbank:
1,062 cans donated
1,191 pounds

Mason Food Pantry:
2,213 items donated (2,021 were cans)
Approximately 3,050 pounds

Company totals:
3,275 items donated weighing 4,241 pounds (approximately 2 tons)

This is the 3rd year Associates have participated in the friendly and successful competition. In 2015 over 3,000 food items were donated.

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