March 28, 2017 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Benefits of Hiring Former Military Personnel

For more than a decade, Victory Media has published Military Friendly® digital and print media to help service members find career opportunities after they leave the military. The publisher also confers a Military Friendly Employer designation on companies—an honor which Miller-Valentine Group has earned in each of the last five years. In fact, 69 of our current Associates are former military service members or military spouses. Not surprising, perhaps, given our proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina and other military installations—but location isn’t the only reason. As any company earning Military Friendly Employer status can attest, hiring military veterans and spouses brings additional benefits—whether in construction, information technology or another industry.

Why Veterans & Military Spouses Make Good Employees

Former military personnel and their spouses bring unique strengths with them when they enter the civilian job market. If you are in the market for new hires, here are five reasons you should consider veterans.

  1. Flexible Attitude—From working in a wide variety of environments to making moves as required by changing deployments, former military personnel, and their spouses know how to adapt to new situations. This flexible attitude translates to an innate ability to adjust quickly to the demands of the job.
  2. Team Loyalty—Employee turnover comes at a price, often estimated at 40 percent of the employee’s annual salary. In addition to the time and money invested in training an employee, companies incur costs related to advertising and recruiting fees, on-boarding costs, and resuming the same level of productivity when a replacement is found. Companies want employees who commit for the long-term—and military veterans bring a history of that type of dedication to the table. Moreover, they recognize the importance of building trust within a team, supporting other members for the good of the mission.
  3. Proven Work Ethic—While most resumes won’t tell you whether a candidate for a job is reliable, former military personnel have demonstrable training and service experience that ensures they know how to stick to a schedule, perform consistently on the job, and conduct themselves with integrity and maturity.
  4. Self-Discipline—According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of employees report using social media on the job—even if their employer has policies to regulate the use of social media. In the military, however, personnel are trained to follow orders, ask for guidance when needed, and work as efficiently as possible. And they bring this level of productivity to civilian jobs as well.
  5. Excellent Communication Skills—Former military personnel have a background that includes working in a diverse workplace, learning new cultures and languages, technical literacy and the ability to communicate accurately and efficiently—no matter what situation they are in.

Most importantly, these advantages translate to benefits for other employees, business partners, and clients. Experience for yourself the difference it makes to work with a military-friendly company. Contact Carol Bise for more information, or visit our Careers page for further information about Miller-Valentine Group as well as current open positions.