May 22, 2017

15th Annual Economic Summit

The 2017 I70/75 Economic Development Summit will be held on May 25, 2017 at Sinclair’s Ponitz Center.

The event includes representatives from various fields making it one of the best opportunities for networking around.  Industries of all types will be present, including development companies, real estate firms, government, economic development organizations, financial institutions, utility companies, institutions of higher learning and students.

This day-long economic development conference features respected keynote speakers discussing topics such as finance, real estate, regional cooperation, workforce development, infrastructure construction and other areas of interest.

The Summit and post-Summit reception are structured in a way to provide all participants with an opportunity to grow their business and network with other successful professionals in your region.

The I-70/75 Development Association is pleased to have a great group of sponsors for this annual event.  For a listing of sponsors and the agenda for the day, please click here.

This year’s speakers will include Tracey Hyatt Bosman, Managing Director, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. (BLS & Co.), a Chicago IL based site selection firm.  Tracey has twenty years of professional experience across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, headquarters, back office and contact center operations, logistics, and data centers. Other sessions during the day will include a conversation on the Trends in Economic Development & Their Impact on Communities with Nate Green of the Montrose Group, a Logistics Panel Discussion featuring Representative Niraj Antani, Workforce Development Initiatives in Manufacturing, and Downtown Development Activity.

The morning speaker, Denise Van Vulkanburg, will provide comments from national leading green manufacturer Herman Miller.

Miller-Valentine Group is pleased to be both a sponsor and panelist for this year’s summit, presenting a Real Estate Update & Analysis for the region.

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