June 28, 2017 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

2nd Annual Stair Climb Challenge

Miller-Valentine Group held their 2nd annual Stair Climb Challenge last week, with five Associates participating in a spirited race up ten flights of stairs!

Andy McHugh, Assistant Project Manager, has been named Miller-Valentine’s 2017 Stair Climb Master, completing the challenge in 37.18 seconds… that’s less than four seconds a flight!  Andy was joined by Nolan Schacherer, Rich Rouse, Bob Patterson and Jeff Sebor, who all came within 8 seconds of Andy’s time.

Everyone joined in the fun by cheering on the contestants and donating funds in the runner’s name to benefit the Jim Walsh Angel Fund, set up to assist Miller-Valentine Associates in need.  Lunch was served along with a challenge for additional Associates to join in the fun of the 2018 Stair Climb Challenge, scheduled for the first day of Summer next year.

Congratulations Andy!