June 8, 2017 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Miller-Valentine Group ranks #3 in affordable housing developers nationally

Building on a strong record of affordable housing construction, Miller-Valentine Group is now ranked number three on Affordable Housing Finance Magazine’s list of Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers in 2016. The ranking is based on new units started in 2016.  Recent years have seen Miller-Valentine ranked in the top 15 four times. This year’s highest-ever ranking represents 1,134 units started and 419 completed — but it’s not all about the quantity of units for Miller-Valentine.

“The number three ranking is incredible and starting 1,134 units is a testament to our growth. We’re very proud of our success in 2016 but we’re not just looking to build more units,” states Brian McGeady, President of Affordable Housing. “Our philosophy is that our affordable housing projects need to improve not only the lives of the residents but the neighborhood in which they’re located.”

Improving Lives

Miller-Valentine helps improve residents’ lives by offering more than quality housing that fits their budget, but also by choosing locations that provide better access to amenities. Developing projects in better school districts that don’t currently have affordable housing options and close to shopping and recreation opportunities allows the residents to enjoy a quality of life never before possible in their price range.

Seniors looking for affordable living options are often stuck choosing between family housing where they don’t want to be or continue to live in their home beyond the point where it’s reasonable. Family housing may not offer the lifestyle and amenities they desire while trying to stay in their home can result in upkeep and personal care issues that are beyond their means. Alternatively, market-rate senior living developments located where they actually want to live can often be priced beyond what they can truly afford.

Miller-Valentine always looks to deliver projects that allow the residents to focus on improving their quality of life. Recently, a new resident expressed this perfectly to McGeady at the opening ceremony of her new community, where she was moving in with her son. “She told me she had previously been in a shelter and was separated from her son because she didn’t want him exposed to unsuitable conditions. That’s exactly why we do what we do.”

Improving Neighborhoods

The positive changes that can result from the development of modern housing in a rebounding community can be staggering. When people take pride in their homes and see that the area is attracting quality development, the ripple effect that it creates helps neighbors, not just residents.

With the rent gap for new units getting larger, affordable housing development is more critical than ever. Rising construction costs constantly make it more challenging to deliver high-quality affordable housing projects in desirable locations.

“We know that there’s a lack of affordable housing options in many of the markets where we work,” said McGeady. “Our experience helps us deliver the right properties in the right locations where hard-working people need quality housing options at affordable rates. As our number three ranking on the Housing Finance Top 50 list indicates, we’re perfectly positioned to continue to help improve communities and people’s lives with quality affordable housing. ”

For more information, contact Brian McGeady at (513) 588-1000