February 1, 2018 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Associate Spotlight – Welcome Kyle Kitzmiller

We welcome Kyle Kitzmiller who joins Miller-Valentine Group as a Developer with the Midwest Sales and Development team! Kyle has over eight years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.  He recently worked for CORE Resources as a Development Manager, primarily working on Family Dollar projects.

About Kyle:

Why did you choose Miller-Valentine Group?
Brian Copfer (President, Cincinnati Sales & Development) and I worked together about 5 years ago at CORE Resources and he has been a very positive influence throughout my career.  When the opportunity presented itself to work with such a seasoned professional once again, it was a very easy decision.  The development and construction industry is where my passion is and I am very happy to be working as a Developer with the Miller-Valentine team.

What do you like most about the real estate industry?
I love that real estate is the foundation of everything.  It drives economic stability within communities, it can be a very sound investment, and it provides a different set of challenges every single day.  I take a lot of pride in the work that goes into the development process and enjoy working in coordination with an in-house construction team.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Favorite Summer Past time?

I love everything about summer and warm weather.  My family has a condo in Florida that my fiancé and I try to get to once a year and a lake house here in town where we spend a lot of time during the warmer months.  I try to take every opportunity to do things outside during summer.

Ohio is a great place to live/work because…

Ohio is a unique & special place where I have lived my entire life.  It is a great place to live/work because you can do pretty much whatever you want to – there are fortune 500 companies based all over the state and especially this day in age you can pretty much work in whatever industry you want. 

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