March 19, 2018 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Associate Spotlight – Greg Rambo

Congratulations to Greg Rambo on his promotion to Senior Project Manager.

Greg graduated from the University of Dayton and joined Miller-Valentine Group in 2004 as an Assistant Project Manager. One of Greg’s first assignment was working on the Park Place at Lytle project, renovating a downtown Cincinnati office building into custom condo units. Greg then worked on many projects for Cox Ohio Publishing and the University of Dayton.

Since becoming a Project Manager, Greg has managed Heidelberg Moraine, Keg 1 O’Neal, Otterbein Apartments, Seligman Distributing, and Victory Wholesale. Greg’s customer skills, work ethic and attention to detail brings us repeat business from valued clients.

Q&A with Greg:

What did you learn from your first position at Miller-Valentine Group?
I learned quickly that there are a thousand different ways to manage construction. I worked with a couple different project managers in my first few years and they all had very different styles. I was able to take different aspects from each of them to help develop my own management style.

What drives your passion to come to work every day?
I love the feeling of accomplishment when a job is finished. It’s great to be able to drive around town and see the completed projects that I was a part of and to be able to show my kids what I do for a living. That, and the people. The construction industry is flush with colorful personalities, and that helps to make work enjoyable.

Thoughts/advice to new Associates?
Always keep an open mind and never stop trying to learn from others. The construction industry is filled with smart people that all do things differently and approach their work with different perspectives. It’s a waste to not learn all you can from everyone you work with.

How do you wind down after a long day?
I have about a 45-minute drive home from the office. That provides me some time to reflect on my work day and think about what I am doing the next day. When I get home I can focus on my family, providing me a good balance in my life.