April 5, 2018 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Chris Knueven Joins Cincinnati Industrial Event Panel

Join the Bisnow and 250+ CRE Professionals for a foray into Cincinnati’s industrial real estate market with the stakeholders behind some of the most significant projects that are changing the game.

Topics include:

1) If NAFTA is dismantled under the current administration, how will industrial’s international supply chain affect the local and national industrial market?

2) How are the most innovative developers sourcing build to suit tenants in Cincinnati’s extraordinarily tight market?

3) With scarcity driving investors to outlying submarkets, which counties provide the best prospects for developers?

4) Given construction costs are still on the rise and critical drivers such as unemployment rates are still declining from lows of 4.5%, how much more can developer’s margins be squeezed before plans grind to a halt?

5) How will industrial real estate returns compare in the short and long-term compared with equities?

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