April 23, 2018 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Project Update – Knox Church Renovation

Recently completed for Knox Church in Cincinnati, OH was a 16,350 SF renovation of the education and community spaces within the Knox Church campus. Updates included new finishes in the preschool classrooms and renovations to the existing social hall to improve the feel and function of the space for community gatherings.

A distinctive feature of the social hall is the Baltic Birch ceiling that was custom designed by Design Studio 161.  Miller-Valentine Construction coordinated the installation of all mechanical and electrical trades in tandem with this unique ceiling feature installed by Weberding’s Carving Shop.  Approximately 100, 9 ply, 4’ x 8’ full sheets of Baltic Birch plywood and approximately 36 curved panels make up the stunning ceiling. The curved panels were created through a process which included placing the finished panel in a press for 24 hours.  Aesthetically pleasing and completely functional, the panels allow for abundant lighting through the seams, yet conceal much of the mechanical makeup of the room.

“The Baltic Birch ceiling took approximately eight months to complete from start to finish”, according to Terry Weberding.  Weberding’s Carving Shop designs and constructs furniture for churches, businesses, and homes.  “We also repair and refinish furniture including pews for churches, antique items, tables, chairs, etc.”

For more information about this project, contact Adrienne Ruebusch at 513.774.8400.

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