March 25, 2019 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Celebrating 20 Years of Dayton Dragons

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to play ball! As baseball season gears up, Miller-Valentine Group congratulates the Dayton Dragons on the start of their 20th season.

The Dayton Dragons are so interwoven into the regional fabric that it’s hard to remember a time when Fifth Third Field wasn’t part of the landscape.

From the start, the team and its iconic stadium were a home run for downtown Dayton. In 2000—its inaugural year—the Dragons made minor league baseball history by selling out the entire season before it began. The Dragons have sold out every game since then—that’s 1,316 games—drawing in more than 11 million fans. That passion for the home team has placed the Dayton Dragons in the top 10 in attendance for all minor league affiliates every year since Fifth Third Field opened its doors.

Why does the Gem City love the Dragons so much, turning out rain or shine to cheer on the team? We love to watch a good game of baseball, to be sure. But the stadium itself, and the family-friendly culture the franchise has created is a genuine asset to the community. Heater and Gem, the team’s mascots, are loved by kids, and the Dragons do a tremendous job lining up entertainment for all ages both on and off the field. And who doesn’t get a thrill watching the massive scoreboard dragons breathe smoke with every homer? A night out with the Dragons isn’t just a game; it’s an experience.

As much as fans love the Dragons, the Dragons have been a boon to Dayton, as well. The stadium brings about $27.6 million annually to the regional economy. Fifth Third Field also hosts community events, such as high school baseball, overnighters for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, a community movie night, and the Great American Beer Tasting. It has without doubt been an engine that is helping to drive downtown’s remarkable revitalization, transforming once-vacant properties into entertainment, retail, and residential hot spots.

With Opening Night just around the corner, we wish our hometown team the best for its 20th season as one of Dayton’s most beloved attractions.