November 12, 2019 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Congratulations on 35 Years!

Nick Beach – VP of Operations Southeast

First position with MVG: Assistant Project Manager

Favorite part of your job: See people you mentor/work with growing and advance.

Favorite thing about MVG: Working with great people, makes the worse of days tolerable and the best days memorable.

Additional Thoughts:  Our industry is challenging and rewarding.  This gives you the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting people. Whether it’s a client, designer, subcontractor, vendor, superintendent or craftsman, they all have a story to tell.  One of the first things I was told on a job site was “keep your eyes and ears open so you can learn what’s really going on.  Ask the craftsman questions and learn from them.”  Great advice! I learned a ton.

Building relationships — Some of my best friends I met in our industry as subcontractors, vendors, and craftsmen.  I once worked for a facilities manager on the large, fast track, complicated project.  I got to know this individual fairly well through the course of the project.   We stayed in touch after the project was completed and a couple years later I had the opportunity to hire him as a project manager.  Today he is the VP of Operations in our Cincinnati office.

Steve Campbell – Superintendent

First Job Title:  Laborer

The best thing about MVG – Miller-Valentine always treated me fairly.  I enjoy my job and can’t be convinced to work elsewhere.

Kenny Frei – Construction Manager

First position with MVG: Carpenter

Favorite part of your job:  When I first started with Miller-Valentine, a steady paycheck was probably the most important to me. Over the years it became more about the people you work with, learning about all aspects of construction, and the opportunity for career advancement.

Leigh Ann Turner – Vice President/Director of Design

First position with MVG: Interior Designer

Favorite part of your job: As a designer, you have the opportunity to create something new and different every day. To see the ideas on the computer come to life in a finished space is very exciting.

Favorite thing about MVG: The great people and the friendships I have made over the years. MVG is a great place to have a career, some days are stressful but for the most part, it has been a lot of fun. And I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of fellow associates and clients in 35 years!

Other thoughts: I enjoy coming to work every day and meeting the challenges presented to me. Seeing our client experiencing a space that I have created is very rewarding.

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