April 29, 2020 / By Hank Betts, Project Manager

Four Reasons to Keep Your Project Moving Forward

Across industries and regions, the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting life as we know it. Its effects will echo through our economy for years to come. At Miller-Valentine Group, we are using this opportunity to BUILD CERTAINTY.  We are studying industry projections, researching market trends, and applying evidence-based best practices to help our clients navigate the unknowns and plan for the future.

If any one word could best summarize our current climate, it’s uncertainty. Organizations across the spectrum are trying to plan for a post-pandemic future using limited data and imperfect models. When will the economy reopen? What shape will the economic recovery take? How long until we get back to “normal,” whatever that might be?

For many companies that planned to renovate, expand, or build new this year, this uncertainty has created a moment of pause. But, there is no need to bring everything to a halt. Moving ahead with design and front-end due diligence now will position you to capitalize on a quick start to stay ahead of the construction resurgence.

Hit the Ground Running

The design phase—which includes programming, planning, and design drawings—is the most time-intensive phase for owners and their representatives. The process can take months and requires many hours-long weekly or bi-weekly collaborative meetings.

This up-front work is a fraction of the overall cost of a construction project, and much of it, as we have recently proven, can be done virtually with very little loss of productivity. For a minimal investment, owners can keep their project moving forward to:

Helping You Navigate the Future with Certainty

While we are cautiously optimistic about the future, we recognize that the coronavirus pandemic is going to change how people live and work for years to come. If growth is in your future, now is the time to dive into your plans, so you can think through how those changes will affect your business. When stay-at-home orders are fully lifted and the economy begins picking up steam, you can then devote more time and energy to ramping up your internal operations and focusing on your core business.

We are here to help owners navigate this new normal with confidence. By thinking like an owner and asking the right questions upfront, we deliver creative solutions that are tailored to your vision. As a result, you get the greatest value from your next building project—and every project that follows.

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