April 3, 2020 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

New Development of a State-of-the-Art Climate Controlled Self-Storage Facility

Miller-Valentine Group and Coastal Storage Group, a self-storage development company based in Charleston, South Carolina have teamed up to develop an urban-inspired self-storage facility in Ormond Beach, Florida. The three-story building will sit at the intersection of S. Nova Road and Fernery Trail and strategically located along S. Nova Road, which is one of Ormond Beach’s heavily trafficked corridors that connect single-family subdivisions with commercial retailers. This location will provide this submarket an option for high-quality storage to address the unmet needs of local residents and businesses.

“As people are renting more than ever and Millennials are staying in apartments longer, the demand for self-storage has been on the rise”, said Aaron Rowley, a partner in the deal. “Due to the increase of multi-family housing and population growth, many areas are finding an increase in the need for self-storage. Renters want to store their items close to where they live and are using storage units to keep items that can be easily accessed without taking up space in their homes.”

Being located in a high-visibility retail setting has caused developers to take the visual appeal of self-storage buildings into account and design them with more curb-appeal than what traditionally comes to mind. Self-storage is now being designed to resemble office buildings with multiple floors and exterior materials that are meant to complement the surrounding architecture. The building will feature 71,350 SF of climate-controlled storage with a decorative architectural façade, natural landscape buffers, and accent landscaping.

Construction will commence in late August and the property will be open to the public in the summer of 2021.

For more information, contact Steve Koewler at 843.766.3800.