March 9, 2021 / By Donna Reist, Corporate Marketing

Associate Spotlight – Rebecca Schaefer

For Women in Construction Week, Rebecca Schaefer, Assistant Project Manager, shares insights on her construction career, and the most amazing success of also becoming a mother…

I had a baby this year, and to be honest, when I was a kid I made my dreams smaller because I worried they would get in the way of each other.  I wondered, was there such a thing as a pregnant construction manager?  Well, I will never forget standing on the 4th story roof of my project inspecting TPO progress at 7 months pregnant and realizing that yes, there was such a thing. 

At Miller-Valentine we say we Build Dreams.  Project management is all about thinking creatively and strategically to make the client’s dream a reality and challenging the assumptions of our industry to get it done better and more efficiently than ever before.  If I could go back today and talk to myself at 16 I would say, instead of worrying about any challenges that you perceive, focus on developing your ability to adapt and problem solve.  It will make you a successful project manager, and when you find the right team, that skill set will make those challenges workable. 

I built a few dreams this year, some for our clients, and some for myself.  Because in our industry, whatever the world throws at us, a pandemic, complex structures, or a baby, there is always a way to figure it out together.

Congratulations Rebecca!

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