“There are many things to consider before making a decision that will have a major impact on your business, your customers, and your bottom line.”

– Steve Peters, Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales & Leasing, Miller-Valentine Group

Is your business growing, adding services or new divisions or perhaps splitting into multiple sites?

Are you considering a new location for your manufacturing, distribution or R&D facility? Will you need flex space or an office showroom?

From our years of Industrial Real Estate dealings, here are just a few of what we’ve found to be the most important considerations to account for when relocating your industrial space.

  1. Allow yourself enough time to negotiate before your current lease expires.
  2. Before starting the site selection process review your corporate strategic plan and vision.
  3. Prioritizing your requirements will help you to identify the critical factors for an optimal site.
  4. Get help for your real estate search. It is one of the biggest business decisions you will make.
  5. Look at all cost factors. Labor, transportation, utilities, renovation, tax rates, as well as incentives all affect the “cost” of each location you consider.

In addition to businesses looking for new space, we also represent landlords, corporate owners and investors.