Why Wall Panel Construction Should be Top of Mind for New Projects

On a construction project, some decisions have narrow windows in which to be made. Choosing between precast and tilt-up wall panels is one such example. When deciding between precast or tilt-up wall panels, the question shouldn’t be which approach is... Learn More


News about the escalating cost of construction materials has been making the rounds in the media. The reason can be traced in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past year, many manufacturers have had to slow or at times... Learn More

Adding Value to Your Next Industrial Development Project

Industrial real estate’s time has arrived. As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated retail’s shift to e-commerce, the demand for industrial spaces has surged. According to a 2020 JLL Forecast, more than 1 billion square feet of warehouse product will be... Learn More

Priorities for the Post-Pandemic Office

Last spring, offices across the country emptied out virtually overnight as states and businesses took action to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with an end to the pandemic on the horizon, employers are beginning to plan for... Learn More

Improving Economic Outcomes in Rural Communities

Rural communities are grappling with a shortage of market-rate housing that is having a ripple effect on their economic health. A lack of quality housing for those in the 18–to 30-year-old age range is being acutely felt even in communities... Learn More

Attaining Success Through Data-Driven Decisions

It’s common knowledge that data-driven decisions are smarter decisions. The challenge is figuring out what data to capture and how to use it in a meaningful way. At Miller-Valentine Construction, we use our customer relationship management (CRM) platform to constantly... Learn More

Creative Thinking Doubles Manufacturer’s Floor Space

From the outside, ThreeBond International’s recently renovated manufacturing center in West Chester, Ohio, looks like a typical industrial facility. But peel back the walls and floor, and you have a uniquely designed and constructed facility that attests to the strength... Learn More

Fostering a Culture of Safety that Never Rests

At Miller-Valentine, safety is more than just a series of boxes to be checked. It is tightly woven into our culture and fundamental to how we do business. For our company, OSHA compliance is the foundation on which to build... Learn More

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Shape the Future of Manufacturing

Across industries and regions, the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting life as we know it. Its effects will echo through our economy for years to come. At Miller-Valentine Group, we are using this opportunity to BUILD CERTAINTY. We are studying industry... Learn More