Miller-Valentine Co-op / Intern Program

Join our internship/co-op program and see what you’ve learned in the classroom come to life while gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of construction − from the office to the field. Be a contributing member of the execution team, get exposed to our diverse project types, and have opportunities to give back to the community.


MVG Co-Op Matt Wewe

“During my co-op, both my mentor in the office and the field helped me grow and learn. I am looking forward to my future.”

Matt Wewe, Co-op, Indiana State

MVG Former Co-Op Morgan Richard

“I chose to continue my career with Miller-Valentine after my co-op because I recognized that this was a company that was going to invest in my growth.”

Morgan Richard, Project Engineer, Former Co-op

MVG Co-op Dalton Kolodziej

“As a co-op, seeing how job sites are managed, building relationships with co-workers, and getting experience in the office have been really valuable.”

Dalton Kolodziej, Co-op, Clemson University

MVG Former Co-op Sean Looney

“As a co-op, I was involved in different stages of a project, giving me a great picture of what construction looks like from start to finish.”

Sean Looney, Assistant Project Manager, Former Co-op

MVG Co-Op, Connor Van Oss

“My co-op has been a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and explore what I want to do with my career.”

Connor Van Oss, Co-op, University of Cincinnati

MVG Intern, Nick Richards

“Everything I learned during my internship, I see myself using in the future, whether it is in my career, or going through the rest of school.”

Nick Richards, Intern, Bowling Green State University