Climate Controlled Self Storage – Fort Myers, FL

99,339 SF

Miller-Valentine and Coastal Storage Group have partnered to develop a new climate-controlled self-storage facility along Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.  The three-story 99,339 SF building offers climate-controlled storage units, ranging in size from 5’x5’ to 10’x25’ in the growing city of Fort Myers, Florida.

“Due to the increase of multi-family housing and population growth, these areas are finding an increase in need for self-storage. Renters want to store their items near to where they live and are using storage units to keep items that they can easily access without taking up space within their homes, such as a kayak or bicycle,” said Aaron Rowley, a partner in the deal.

Land closing has occurred and construction is anticipated to commence in January 2021 with an opening in February 2022.