Safety Program Earns Top Honors

Miller-Valentine is uncompromising when it comes to the safety of our jobsites, our Associates, and our subcontractors. We don’t accept baseline standards as good enough. OSHA compliance is the foundation for a tougher, more stringent program that we build in... Learn More

Five Ways Safety Planning Benefits Project Planning

What is one practice that all successful construction teams have in common? They plan safety into the project, not around the project. At Miller-Valentine, safety is a factor we do not compromise on. Our number one priority is to ensure... Learn More

Keeping Our Economy Moving, Safely

Across industries and regions, the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting life as we know it. Its effects will echo through our economy for years to come. At Miller-Valentine Group, we are using this opportunity to BUILD CERTAINTY.  We are studying industry... Learn More

Miller-Valentine Construction Again Attains Coveted Safety Designation

It’s no exaggeration to say that Miller-Valentine Construction’s safety management systems and performance are among the best in the country. In November 2019, we were recertified as an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) at the “Star” level—the highest possible designation.... Learn More

Don’t Lose Your Cool — Avoid Heat Stress, Know the Symptoms

Working outdoors in the heat of summer is part and parcel of the construction industry. Heat and humidity combined with the internal heat generated by physical labor can lead to serious illness and, in extreme cases, fatalities. But heat-related illnesses... Learn More

Safety — A Company-Wide Commitment

In recognition of their efforts towards our Safety Goals, Field Associates received foot protection on May 9 – the annual Boot Truck visit. Arrangements were made for Safety Shoe Distributors to bring their store to our location, allowing our Field... Learn More

Stay Safe in Cold Weather!

As record low temperatures and wind chills affect the eastern half of the nation through the first week of January, please watch for signs of cold stress and related illnesses, including hypothermia and frostbite! The below chart from the Occupational Safety... Learn More

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